As I learned computer programming my first programming language that I have learned is Pascal the compiler that I am using during those days in college in Turbo Pascal 5.0. In this program I would like to reminisce the past by writing a program using Pascal as my programming language to accept a number from the user and then convert the number into ordinal equivalent values. In this sample program I am using Turbo Pascal 5.5 that is widely available right now to download free from any charges over the Internet. This problem I encounter during my college days in our programming class.

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Program Listing

    (* Ordinal_Numbers.pas*)
    (* Written By Mr. Jake R. Pomperada, MAED-IT *)
    (* Tools : Turbo Pascal 5.5. For DOS *)
    (* Date : November 24, 2015 *)
    Program Ordinal_Numbers;
    Uses Crt;
    Var number : integer;
    message : string;
    a: integer;
    mod100 : integer;
    mod10: integer;
    a:=0; mod10:=0; mod100:=0;
    write('Ordinal Number Generator in Pascal');
    writeln; writeln; writeln;
    write('Enter a Number : ');
    writeln; writeln;
    for a:= 1 To number Do
    mod10 := (a mod 10);
    mod100 := (a mod 100);
    if (mod10 = 1) AND (mod100 <> 11) then
    message := 'st';
    else if (mod10 = 2) AND (mod100 <> 12) then
    message := 'nd';
    else if (mod10 = 1) AND (mod100 <> 11) then
    message := 'rd';
    message := 'th';
    write(' ',a,message,' ');
    writeln; writeln;
    write('End of Program');

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