Create a Simple Weekly Payroll.The program should accept the following inputs:
– Employee Name
– Number of hours rendered
– Rate per hour
– GSIS Premium Contribution
– PhilHealth Contribution
– Housing Loan
– Tax percentage rate (example input: 25, the program will treat it as 25%).
The program should compute the weekly gross salary, total deductions
and weekly net salary.

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Program Listing

# Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED-IT, MIT
# February 22, 2021     1:59 PM   Monday
# Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

name = str(input("Employees Name : "))
hour = int(input("Number of hours rendered : "))
rate = float(input("Rate per hour : "))
gsis = float(input("GSIS Premium Contribution : "))
phil = float(input("PhilHealth Contribution : "))
loan = float(input("Housing Loan : "))
tax = float(input("Tax Rate : "))

gross = hour * rate
deductions = (gross * (tax * 0.01)) + gsis + phil + loan
netsalary = gross - deductions

print("\tDisplay Payroll Results");
print("Gross Salary = {:5.2f}" .format(gross))
print("Total deductions = {:5.2f}" .format(deductions))
print("Net Salary = {:5.2f}".format(netsalary) )
print("\tEND OF PROGRAM");

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