Machine Problem in Python

Write a program code that allows the user to input values for a salesperson’ base salary, total sales and  commission rate. The program calculates and displays the  salesperson’s pay by adding the base salary  to the product of the total sales and commission rate.

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Program Listing

# Author : Jake R. Pomperada
# This program calculates salespersons salary.
# Create a variable to control the loop.

retry = "Y"

while retry.upper() == "Y":
   # Calculate a series of commissions.
    base_salary = float(input('Enter the salespersons base salary: '))
    sales = float(input('Enter the amount of total sales: '))
    comm_rate = float(input('Enter the commission rate: '))

    # Calculate the commission.
    commission = sales * (comm_rate /100)
    # Calculate the salespersons salary
    solve_salary = (base_salary + commission)

 # Display the salespersons salary
    print( 'Salespersons salary is PHP %.2f' % solve_salary)
    # See if the user wants to do another one.
    retry = str(input("Would you like to try again? (Y-Yes and N-No) : "))
    if retry.upper() == "N":
    elif retry.upper() == "Y":
print("End of Program")