A simple program that I wrote in Python to solve the weekly wage of an employee in a company using Java programming language.

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Program Listing

import java.util.*;


public class WeeklySalary



	//User Defined Method  to solve the weekly salary of the employee

	public static double Solve_Weekly_Salary(double hours, double rate)  


		double wages;


		if (hours > 40.0)

			wages = 40.0 * rate +

			1.5 * rate * (hours - 40.0);


			wages = hours * rate;






public static void main(String[] args)


		Scanner console = new Scanner(System.in);


		double solve_wages, rate, hours;



		System.out.print("\tWeekly Salary With Overtime in Java");



		System.out.print("Enter Hours Worked : ");

		hours = console.nextDouble();



		System.out.print("Enter Phippine Peso(s) paid per hour : ");

		rate = console.nextDouble();



		solve_wages = Solve_Weekly_Salary(hours,rate);


		System.out.printf("Wages for %.2f hours at PHP %.2f per hour are PHP %.2f.",hours,rate,solve_wages);


		System.out.println("End of Program");






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