Machine Problem 

Write a program to ask the user to give an input number of days and convert it to years, weeks, and days and display the result on the screen.

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Program Listing

/* days.c
Convert days to years weeks and days
Author   : Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED-IT, MIT
Website  : and
Email    :
Tool     : Dev C++ Version 5.11
Date     : April 18, 2022  5:51 AM  Monday

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
   int days=0, years=0, weeks=0;

   system("COLOR F0");
   printf("\tConvert Days to Years, Weeks and Days in C");
   printf("\tHow Many Days : ");
   scanf("%d", &days);

    /* Conversion in this portion */
    years = (days / 365);   /* Ignoring leap year */
    weeks = (days % 365) / 7;
    days  = days - ((years * 365) + (weeks * 7));

    printf("\tDisplay Results");
    printf("\tNumber of Years : %d\n", years);
    printf("\tNumber of Weeks : %d\n", weeks);
    printf("\tNumber of Days  : %d", days);
    printf("\tEND OF PROGRAM");