A simple program that I wrote to convert the given us dollar to philippine peso using typescript programming language.

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/* us_peso.ts
   Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED-IT, MIT
   www.jakerpomperada.com and www.jakerpomperada.blogspot.com
   July 12, 2022   10:35 PM   Tuesday
   Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

var us_dollar = 65.23;

// Philippine Peso Equivalent
const Phil_Peso =  56.52;

// Calculate US Dollar To Philippine Peso
const solve =(us_dollar * Phil_Peso);

// This code for two decimal places
let round_result = Math.round(solve*100)/100;

console.log("US Dollar To Philippines Peso in TypeScript\n");
console.log("$ " + us_dollar + " US Dollar is equal to  PHP " + round_result + " Philippine Peso.\n");
console.log("End of Program\n");