Machine Problem in C++

4.Summative Assessment 2

Complete the  given  code to produce  an  output Like this:

Records  of  Student

ID  Name  Grade

1   Ronel  86.5

2   lance  90.5

30  Bianca  81.5

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4.Summative Assessment 2
Complete the  given  code to produce  an  output Like this:
Records  of  Student
ID  Name  Grade
1   Ronel  86.5
2   lance  90.5
30  Bianca  81.5

#include  <iostream>
#include  <cstring>

using  namespace  std;

struct  student
    int  id;
    char  name[30];
    float  percentage;

ostream& operator<<(ostream& os, const student s)
    return os << << "\t" << << "\t" << s.percentage;

int  main()
    int  i;
    struct  student  record [3];
    record[0] .id= 1;
    strcpy(record[0] .name,  "Ronel");
    record[0] .percentage  =  86.5;

    record[1] .id=2;
    strcpy(record[1] .name,  "Lance");
    record[1] .percentage  =  90.5;

    strcpy(record[2] .name,  "Bianca");
    record[2].percentage  =  81.5;
    cout << "\n\n";
    cout <<"\tStudents Records in C++";
    cout << "\n\n";
    cout << "\tRecords  of  Student:\n\n";
    cout << "\tID\tName\tGrade\n";
    for (int i = 0; i < 3; ++i)
        cout <<"\t"<< record[i] << "\n";
return  0;

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