Machine Problem in Python 

1. Create an app that computes students average solve using classes.

2. The user will input the following (Name, Math, Science and English Grade)

3. Create a Class called Students

4. Use the init function to collect the student information (Name, Math, Science and English Grade)

5. Create a function that will perform the computation of the average

6. Create a function that will display the result


Name: Jake R. Pomperada

Math: 90

Science: 90

English: 90

Average: 90 (Passed)

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# Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED-IT, MIT
# July 29, 2021   Thursday
#  and
# Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines

class Students:
    def __init__(self, name, math, science, english):
        self.pangalan = name
        self.matematika = math
        self.agham = science
        self.ingles = english

    def ave(self):
        self.average = (self.matematika + self.agham + self.ingles) / 3

    def show(self):
        print("Name: ", self.pangalan)
        print("Math Grade: ", self.matematika)
        print("Science Grade: ", self.agham)
        print("English Grade: ", self.ingles)
        if self.average >= 75:
            self.status = "Passed"
            self.status = "Failed"
        print("Average Grade: {} ({})".format(round(self.average,0), self.status))

print("Student Average Grade Using Classes in Python")
Name = str(input("Enter Name: "))
Math = float(input("Enter Math: "))
Science = float(input("Enter Science: "))
English = float(input("Enter English: "))

stud = Students(Name, Math, Science, English)

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