Machine Problem Using Module in Python

1. Create a Salary Computation App

2. Create 3 Modules for this app

3. The first module is will handle the function 

   for computing the gross salary.

4. The second module is will handle the function 

   for computing the deductions

5. The last module will be responsible for computing the net salary.

6. The user will input the following (Name, Hour, Loan, Health Insurance).

7. Tax(12% of the gross salary) and Rate(500/hr) is fixed

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Program Listing

from SalaryDeductions import tax, rate, TotalDeductions
from NetSalary import net

name = str(input("Enter Name: "))
hour = int(input("Hour: "))
gross = rate(hour)

print("Gross Salary:", gross)

print("Tax:", tax(gross))
loan = float(input("Loan: "))
insurance = float(input("Insurance: "))
deductions = TotalDeductions(tax(gross), insurance, loan)

print("Total Deduction: ", deductions)
print("Net Salary: ", net(gross, deductions))
def net(gross, deductions):
    return gross - deductions
def tax(gross):
    return gross * 0.12

def rate(hour):
    return 500 * hour

def TotalDeductions(tax2, insurance, loan):
    return tax2 + insurance + loan