Machine Problem in Python

1. Create a Record Keeping App

2. This will display the following options

     a. Add Record

     b. View Records

     c. Clear All Records

     d. Exit

3. If A: The user will input the following information (name,email,address)

4. The app will save the information in a text file.

     If B, display the saved records

     If C, clear the text file and display “No records found.”

     If D, display “Thank you”

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Program Listing

# Author : Jake R. Pomperada

print("         ~ Record Keeping App ~")
print("Available Operators:")
print("A) Add Record\t\tB) View Record")
print("C) Clear Records\tD) Exit App\n")
selection = str(input("Select an option [A,B,C,D]: "))

    file = open("record.txt", "r")
except FileNotFoundError:
    file = open("record.txt", "x")

if selection.upper() == "A":
    var1 = str(input("Enter Name: "))
    var2 = str(input("Enter Email: "))
    var3 = str(input("Enter Address: "))
    file = open("record.txt", "a")
    file.write(f"\n{var1}, {var2}, {var3}")
elif selection.upper() == "B":
    file = open("record.txt", "r")
elif selection.upper() == "C":
    print("No records found.")
    file = open("record.txt", "r+")
elif selection.upper() == "D":
    print("Thank you")
    print("Invalid input.")