Machine Problem

Create and design a program that will ask the amount from the user and then our program will count how many one thousand, five hundred, two hundred,  one hundred, fifty and twenty bills based here in the Philippine currency.I am currently accepting programming work, IT projects, school and application development, programming projects, thesis and capstone projects, IT consulting work, computer tutorials, and web development work kindly contact me at the following email address for further details.  If you want to advertise on my website kindly contact me also in my email address also. Thank you.

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Program Listing

# Author       :  Jake Rodriguez Pomperada,MAED-IT,MIT
# Date         :  November 9, 2019   7:33 AM  Saturday
# Location     :  Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
# Tools        :  Perl  5 and Visual Studio Code Version 1.37.0
# Websites     :  
# Email        :

print "\n\n";
print "\tMoney Denomination Checker in PERL";
print "\n\n";
print "\tGive the amount of money : PHP  ";
chomp($amt  =<>);

  # Conversion start here 

 $thousand = int($amt/1000);
 $amt =  int($amt%1000);
 $five_hund = int($amt/500);
 $amt = int($amt%500);
 $two_hundreds =int($amt/200);
 $amt = int($amt%200);
 $hundreds = int($amt/100);
 $amt = int($amt%100);
 $fifty = int($amt/50);
 $amt = int($amt%50);
 $twentys = int($amt/20);
 $amt = int($amt%20);

print "\n";
print "\t===== DISPLAY RESULT =====";
print  "\n\n";
print  "\tNumber of  PHP 1000 Pesos notes   :  $thousand\n";
print  "\tNumber of  PHP 500 Pesos notes    :  $five_hund \n";
print  "\tNumber of  PHP 200 Pesos notes    :  $two_hundreds\n";
print  "\tNumber of  PHP 100 Pesos notes    :  $hundreds\n";
print  "\tNumber of  PHP  50 Pesos notes    :  $fifty\n";
print  "\tNumber of  PHP  20 Pesos notes    :  $twentys";
print "\n\n";
print "\tEnd of Program";
print "\n";

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