Create a base class CurrencyConverter with a virtual method to convert currency from one type to another. Implement derived classes for specific conversions (e.g., USD to EUR, GBP to JPY). Use polymorphism to convert an amount of money based on user input.

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Program Listing

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>

class CurrencyConverter {
    virtual double convertCurrency(double amount) {
        return 0.0; // Base class default implementation

class USDtoEURConverter : public CurrencyConverter {
    double convertCurrency(double amount) override {
        return amount * 0.85; // Convert USD to EUR using a fixed exchange rate

class GBPtoJPYConverter : public CurrencyConverter {
    double convertCurrency(double amount) override {
        return amount * 160.0; // Convert GBP to JPY using a fixed exchange rate

int main() {
    CurrencyConverter* converter = nullptr;
    double amount;
    char choice;

   std::cout <<"\n\n\tCurrency Converter Using Polymorphism in C++\n\n";
    std::cout << "\tEnter the amount in the source currency: ";
    std::cin >> amount;
    std::cout << "\n\tChoose a conversion (E for USD to EUR, J for GBP to JPY): ";
    std::cin >> choice;

    if (choice == 'E' || choice == 'e') {
        converter = new USDtoEURConverter();
    } else if (choice == 'J' || choice == 'j') {
        converter = new GBPtoJPYConverter();
    } else {
        std::cout << "Invalid conversion choice." << std::endl;
        return 1;

    double convertedAmount = converter->convertCurrency(amount);
    std::cout << "\n\tThe Converted amount: " << std::fixed <<std::setprecision(2) << convertedAmount << std::endl;

    delete converter;
     std::cout << "\n\tEnd of Program. Thank you for using this program." << std::endl;
    return 0;