A simple program to count the vowels, occurrence of vowels in a given string in PHP programming language.

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   <title> Count Vowels in PHP </title>
      <style type="text/css">
      body {
        font-family: arial;
            size: 12px;



     $val_str = strtolower($_POST['val_str']);
   if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {
      $results = "<h4>The Number of Vowels : &nbsp;" 
      $display_strings =  "<h4>The List of Vowels : " 

      $display_vowels = "<h4>Number of Letter A : " 
      $display_vowels .= "<h4>Number of Letter E : " 
      $display_vowels .= "<h4>Number of Letter I : " 
      $display_vowels .= "<h4>Number of Letter O : " 
      $display_vowels .= "<h4>Number of Letter U : " 

 if(isset($_POST['clear'])) {
      $val_str = "";
      $results = "";
      $display_strings = "";

function count_Vowels($string)
    preg_match_all('/[aeiou]/i', $string, $matches);
    return count($matches[0]);
function strip_Consonants($string)

  $trans = array("b" => "","c"=>"","d"=>"","f"=>"","g"=>"",
                 "h" => "","j"=>"","k"=>"","l"=>"","m"=>"",
                 "n" => "","p"=>"","q"=>"","r"=>"","s"=>"",
                 "t" => "","v"=>"","x"=>"","z"=>"");
  return  strtoupper(strtr($string, $trans));

function count_a($string)

  preg_match_all('/[a]/i', $string, $matches);
  return count($matches[0]);

function count_e($string)

  preg_match_all('/[e]/i', $string, $matches);
  return count($matches[0]);

function count_i($string)

  preg_match_all('/[i]/i', $string, $matches);
  return count($matches[0]);

function count_o($string)

  preg_match_all('/[o]/i', $string, $matches);
  return count($matches[0]);

function count_u($string)

  preg_match_all('/[u]/i', $string, $matches);
  return count($matches[0]);


  <h2> Count Vowels in PHP </h2>
  <p> Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada,MAED-IT, MIT </p>
<form method="post">
   <p>Give a String <input 
    type="text" name="val_str" size=50
     value="<?php echo $val_str; ?>" autofocus required /></p>
<input type="submit" name="submit" 
   title="Click here to count the vowels."
   value="Submit" />
    <input type="submit" name="clear" 
    title="Click here to clear the textbox."
    value="Clear" />

   echo $results;
   echo $display_strings;
   echo $display_vowels;