A program that demonstrates how to declare an object in the Python programming language.

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Program Listing

class Customers:
    greeting = "\nWelcome to Coffee Palace!"

    def __init__(self, c_1, c_2, c_3, c_4, c_5):
        self.c_1 = c_1
        self.c_2 = c_2
        self.c_3 = c_3
        self.c_4 = c_4
        self.c_5 = c_5
        arr = [self.c_1, self.c_2, self.c_3, self.c_4, self.c_5]


        for customer in arr:
            custName = customer.lower()
            if (custName == "nate"):
                print("Name=Nate\t  Beverage=Espresso\t\t\t  Food=Pastrami on rye\t\t  Total=220")
            elif (custName == "elaine"):
                print("Name=Elaine\t  Beverage=Strawberry frappuccino\t  Food=Tuna Wrap\t\t  Total=270")
            elif (custName == "samirah"):
                print("Name=Samirah\t  Beverage=Iced caffe latte\t\t  Food=Cinnamon roll\t\t  Total=225")
            elif (custName == "jerry"):
                print("Name=Jerry\t  Beverage=Caramel macchiato\t\t  Food=Glazed doughnut\t\t  Total=230")
            elif (custName == "paz"):
                print("Name=Paz\t  Beverage=Iced tea\t\t\t  Food=Blueberry pancakes\t  Total=315")
                print("Customer name not found.")


Customers("Nate", "Elaine", "Samirah", "Jerry", "Paz")