Machine Problem

Create and Design a program that will ask the user to give two numbers and then the program will compute the sum,difference,product and quotient  of the given numbers and display the results on the screen.

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Program Listing
# math.rb
# Author   : Jake Rodriguez Pomperada,BSCS,MAED-IT
# Date     : May 15, 2019    Wednesday  2;16 PM
# Address  : Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
# Tools    : Eclipse IDE for JavaScript and Web Developers 
#            and Ruby Version 2.6.3
# Location : Bacolod City, Negros Occidental	
# Emails   : and
puts "\n\n"
print "\tBasic Math Operations in Ruby";
puts "\n\n"
print "\tGive First Value  : ";
val1 = gets;
print "\tGive Second Value : ";
val2 = gets;

val1 = val1.to_i;
val2 = val2.to_i;

sum = (val1 + val2);
difference = (val1 - val2);
product = (val1 * val2);
quotient = (val1 / val2);

print "\n\n";
print "\t===== DISPLAY RESULT ====="
print "\n\n";
print "\tThe sum of ",val1," and ",val2," is ",sum,".\n";
print "\tThe difference between #{val1} and #{val2} is #{difference}.\n";
print "\tThe product of #{val1} and #{val2} is #{product}.\n";
print "\tThe quotient between #{val1} and #{val2} is #{quotient}.";
puts "\n\n"
print "\tEnd of Program";
puts "\n"