Machine Problem

Write a program that will ask the student to input the Prelim, Midterm, and Final grades and then, the program will compute the grade and display the result on the screen. The percentage on every grading period are the following: For Prelim, it will be 20%, Midterm will be 30%, and Finals will be 50%.

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Program Listing

# Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED-IT, MIT
# May 24, 2021   Monday
# Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

print("\tAverage Grade Solver in Python");
subject = input('\tWhat is the subject? ');
prelim = float(input('\tGive Prelim Grade : '));
midterm = float(input('\tGive Midterm Grade : '));
final = float(input('\tGive Final Grade : '));
solve_grade= (prelim * 0.20) + (midterm * 0.30) + (final * 0.50);
print("\t===== DISPLAY RESULTS =====");
print("\tThe subject is" ,subject,'.');
print("\tThe subject grade is {:2.2f}".format(solve_grade));
print("\tEND OF PROGRAM");