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Program Listing

using System;

namespace Aritmetic_Operators
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)

            // Arithmetic Operators in C#

            // Jake Rodriguez Pomperada,MAED-IT, MIT




            // Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines
            int a = 40;
            int b = 6;

            int sum = a + b;
            int sub = a - b;
            int mul = a * b;
            float div = (float)a / (float)b;
            int rem = a % b;
            Console.WriteLine("\tArithmetic Operators in C#");
            Console.WriteLine("\tThe Addition of {0} and {1} is = {2}", a, b, sum);
            Console.WriteLine("\tThe Subtraction of {0} and {1} is = {2}", a, b, sub);
            Console.WriteLine("\tThe Multiplication of {0} and {1} is = {2}", a, b, mul);
            Console.WriteLine("\tThe Division of {0} and {1} is = {2}", a, b, div);
            Console.WriteLine("\tThe Remainder of {0} and {1} is = {2}", a, b, rem);
            Console.WriteLine("\tEnd of Program");